Corporate Communications

We will help you assess, develop and create the right “tone-of-voice” for your corporate communications.

Consumers, potential employees, regulators and others are increasingly asking companies how they operate, what they stand for, what they ‘give back’ and where their stance is on key industry issues. It is imperative to have considered and well written company positions prepared. These will sit alongside your business communications strategy, looking at how you are engaging with other businesses - B2B (Business-to-Business) and/or customers - B2C (Business-to-Consumer/Customer).


Our corporate communications experience includes working with business on the most challenging and high-profile issues and developing credible position statements, so they hold firm with stakeholders. Diversity in the workplace; the provenance of products and supplier standards; the implications of Brexit – complex issues such as these will be translated into a clear company response and stripped back to a concise message which is understood and used by the press. The best media responses are a few sentences and where required for social media, just 140 characters, which accurately set out your company’s point of view.


Other Services

Crisis Management

We will help you prepare for and manage a crisis, so that if and when a problem develops your business is well prepared to assess, act and respond.

Media Training

We provide media training for people at all levels – from executives through to customer service call handlers - so they are well equipped to deal with the press.