Crisis Management


We will help you prepare for and manage a crisis, so that if and when a problem develops, your business is well prepared to assess, act and respond.

The crisis management service covers the core areas, required by any business to deliver a swift and efficient response to a reputational threat. These are:


24/7 Strategic Counsel

  • Direct access to the team (virtually and/or on site) to mitigate reputational damage to your business.
  • Support throughout a crisis to navigate issues as they arise and help to minimise the reputational damage during and after the event.
  • Your main contact will be Abby Mangold who has 20+ years of journalism and communications experience.

Crisis Management Communications Guidelines

  • Development of a complete plan to follow when and if your business is facing an issue.
  • Help to assess if you’re actually facing a crisis or an issue and all subsequent steps, through to judging when the issue is over.
  • Detailed logistics and practicalities when handling an issue, such as the location and set up of a ‘crisis war room’ and how to alert your key people with 30 minutes notice.
  • Creation of key messages, statements, social media posts and comments, so the starting blocks for all your ongoing communication are already in place.
  • Preparation in ‘peace time’, to ensure process’ are realistic, achievable and signed off by the right people.

Reputational Risk Assessment / Crisis Audit

  • Ideal for executive teams to recognise the risks to the business, prioritise and agree the strategy for managing them if they arise.
  • Full consultancy on all stages of setting up your assessment, delivering a thorough review and presenting the results to your team.

Crisis Simulations

  • Put yourself and your team through the escalating speed and competing challenges of a ‘real-life’ crisis, without the public fall out.
  • Prepare for any scenario your business may face with our tailored exercise to stress-test processes and identify gaps.
  • The session culminates in a press ‘door-step’ demanding a live broadcast interview to ensure you are well rehearsed should a real-life crisis occur.
"Your sim really got them going, the team were a hair breadth from doing a recall without informing anyone at Head Office. Masterpiece!"
Crisis Director, Multinational FMCG brand

Social Media Crisis Simulations

  • Prepare your business to withstand the danger social media plays in amplifying and extending crises.
  • Choose from a stand alone social media crisis simulation or a social media element embedded into a wider simulation (see above).
  • The simulation mimics the speed of a developing crisis, testing the team’s ability to respond to a real-life event.

Other Services

Media Training

We provide media training for people at all levels – from executives through to customer service call handlers - so they are well equipped to deal with the press.

Corporate Communications

We will help you assess, develop and create the right “tone-of-voice” for your corporate communications and translate complex issues into clear company responses.