Crisis Management



We will help you prepare for and manage a crisis, so that if and when a problem develops, your business is well prepared to assess, act and respond.

The crisis management service covers the core areas, required by any business to deliver a swift and efficient response to a reputational threat.


24/7 Strategic Counsel

We provide support throughout an emerging crisis, both virtually and on-site, helping to make the best use of resource in demanding circumstances. With first-hand experience of global and national crises in diverse sectors, involving multiple stakeholders, we bring combined insight and expertise across traditional and social media. We enable clients to assess and respond to issues as they emerge, helping to minimise reputational impact during and after the event.

Mangold Consultancy’s 24/7 Strategic Counsel for a Global Consumer Company with multiple well-known brands is detailed in this case study.

Social Media Crisis Management

Social media is the go-to forum for talking about organisations and attracts press scrutiny. In a crisis, this requires a distinct and efficient route to best respond and reinforce corporate voice and narrative. We ensure a consistent approach across all social media platforms, to satisfy stakeholders, while managing in-house time spent monitoring and responding to users.

Mangold Consultancy’s Social Media Crisis Management for a global client is explained in this case study

Crisis Planning & Preparation
Reputational Risk Audit & Crisis Communications

Crisis preparations are best undertaken in ‘peace time’, with a Reputational Risk Audit & Assessment being the first step to spot potential future issues. We gather information on business targets, the wider industry, together with staff insight, so clients can prioritise risk and how to manage potential reputational damage to reinforce the overall business vision.

The Crisis Communications Guidelines we create, provide the specific plan to follow, if an issue develops. From helping assess the type of crisis, to the practicalities of responding, through to judging when the crisis is over. Our tailored guidelines, outline each step to embed a consistent process, agreed by the right people.

Read how Mangold Consultancy delivered Crisis Communications protocols to Alexandra Park & Palace, a major heritage and cultural destination.



Mangold Consultancy combined the work we were already doing as a team, with the latest corporate and events reputation management, to create a complete set of crisis guidelines which are useable and ready to go. They worked brilliantly alongside us and showed how crisis comms planning can be incorporated into day to day work, to support our corporate profile at all times.

Marketing & Communications Team | Alexandra Park & Palace Trust

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Crisis Simulation

These exercises recreate the escalating speed and competing challenges of a crisis, without the public fall out. Whether facing a social media onslaught or multiple press calls, our tailored exercises put teams through their paces, while stress-testing process and identifying gaps. Simulations ensure teams are well-rehearsed should a real-life crisis occur. They can include a live social media feed, live TV news broadcasts and often culminate in a press ‘door-step’ demanding a TV interview, before coming to a close for detailed review and assessment.

Read a case study of how Mangold Consultancy helped Trust for London with their crisis simulation training.



This session should be mandatory. Awareness on the crisis process is essential to facilitate the understanding.

Workshop Participant

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Other Services

Media Training

We provide media training for people at all levels – from executives through to customer service call handlers – so they are well equipped to deal with the press.

Corporate Communications

We will help you assess, develop and create the right “tone-of-voice” for your corporate communications and translate complex issues into clear company responses.