Citizen Relations Testimonial

Citizen Relations

When a senior leader wanted to ready their skills for challenging press scrutiny, Citizen Relations agency asked Mangold Consultancy to step in with media training.

Client Comments

Our client was hugely experienced talking to the press and managing crises, so the brief was to fine-tune performance and impact whilst talking about a potentially contentious product. Mangold knew their stuff and had done the prep which meant the CEO was put through his paces and finished the session with clear strategies about managing even the most challenging of interviews. We’ll be using Mangold again.

Scot Devine | Head of Client Strategy, Citizen Relations

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Crisis Management

We will help you prepare for and manage a crisis, so that if and when a problem develops your business is well prepared to assess, act and respond.

Media Training

We provide media training for people at all levels – from executives through to customer service call handlers – so they are well equipped to deal with the press.

Corporate Communications

We will help you assess, develop and create the right “tone-of-voice” for your corporate communications and translate complex issues into clear company responses.