My Anne Robinson x Ronnie Wood Sandwich…

Godolphin & Latymer The Pod

Picture the scene – the original BBC TV Centre, we’re hours away from the latest episode of BBC Watchdog being broadcast.

Anne Robinson and I are on the hunt for a Diet Coke as we talk strategy for the imminent live interview with a nervous company spokesperson. And then we see the ACTUAL Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones…

It was a real joy to reminisce on the Godolphin and Latymer podcast – The Pod.

Hear this and other less name-dropping stories on The Pod, Old Dolphin Network.

Who’s talking now?

BBC 50:50 The Equality Project

As a BBC producer I heard many outstanding female voices – from presenter Anne Robinson cross-examining CEOs on BBC Watchdog, to numerous female Executive Producers standing up to big bullying businesses trying to kill a great story.

I was part of production teams crafting complex programmes in challenging circumstances. These experiences shaped my own voice, including in the media training room, where I support people preparing to go on the record or in day to day interactions providing crisis management and corporate communications support.

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Kudos to my ex colleagues at BBC Watchdog


Credit to BBC Watchdog for their investigation on last night’s programme which lead to BMW announcing a recall of hundreds of thousands of cars.

The truth is that no one really knows what goes on inside an organisation during a crisis, apart from the people managing it.  There are often multiple business objectives which reach far beyond being featured on the programme.  Continue reading “Kudos to my ex colleagues at BBC Watchdog”