Space Shuttle Learnings

Space Shuttle - The failure to imagine the consequences of failure are catastrophic

Tell your boss to watch this Space Shuttle documentaryā€¦

šŸ“¢ Are you the lone voice nudging senior colleagues about crisis planning?

šŸ¤” Are there known issues too trifling to confront amongst all the “business as usual”?

Watch ā€˜The Space Shuttle that Fell To Earthā€™ on BBC iPlayer and tell your bosses to do the same, if you want to get crisis communications at the top of the agenda.

šŸ‘ Congratulations to Mindhouse Productions, this brilliant 3-parter, sensitively told a difficult story, which among many things shows why a culture of open communication matters. And is as important as crisis preparation.

šŸš€ Even if you are not in the business of space flight, speaking out, seeking answers and encouraging conversations, will help avoid issues becoming devastating crises.

And give me a shout if your crisis comms nudge could do with a shoulder.