The Mangold Consultancy is founded on a passion for and in-depth experience of strategic counsel during the most high-profile issues. This comes from 20+ years experience in BBC TV production and various global public relations agencies.

We are built for businesses who want to understand and manage the potential challenges to their reputation. We do this by providing a swift response and tailored services, to stem any negative impact on your business. We grow team resilience, so you are rehearsed and prepared with what to say and how to say it, well before an issue arises.

Our clients include SMEs through to leading multinational brands, who all call on our national journalism and global crisis communications expertise.

Our services include Crisis Management providing tools to plan for and manage a crisis, so your business is well prepared to assess and respond. Our Media Training is tailored to all levels combining insight of the press in all its guises, with the time to rehearse tactics for speaking to different journalists during a crisis. We adapt our Corporate Communications services so each client can effectively set out their position in challenging circumstances, resonating with the media and wider stakeholders.


Crisis Management

We will help you prepare for and manage a crisis, so that if and when a problem develops your business is well prepared to assess, act and respond.

Media Training

We provide media training for people at all levels – from executives through to customer service call handlers - so they are well equipped to deal with the press.

Corporate Communications

We will help you assess, develop and create the right “tone-of-voice” for your corporate communications and translate complex issues into clear company responses.

Where do crises come from?

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The Mangold Consultancy Team

Abby Mangold
MD & Founder

Abby founded the Mangold Consultancy in 2014, inspired to bring together everything she’d learnt from 15 years at the BBC and her subsequent crisis experience ‘on the other side’ with a global PR agency.

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Caroline Randle
Senior Communications Consultant

Caroline is a senior communications professional who has advised some of the world’s leading organisations such as GSK, Abbot, Microsoft, Electrolux, Great Mills and PwC.

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Julia Walton
Senior Communications Consultant

Julia is an experienced media relations specialist with a background across national and local government, handling breaking news and crisis situations for the Home Office, Transport for London and Bristol City Council.

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Inside a Crisis

Inside a Crisis

Fly on the wall TV, sometimes known as ‘obs docs’ (observational documentaries), are familiar fodder for prime time television. They have bred their own genre of satire, such as W1A and anti-heroes like Malcolm Tucker. But there remains some uncharted territory, and done right this obs doc would be a real eye opener. Inside a Crisis – The Comms Insider – impossible to make, impossible to get legal to sign off and impossible to resist for fly on the wall fans.

Why Small is Beautiful in a Social Media Crisis

The commitment involved in starting a new business is phenomenal. Winning new contracts, wooing clients, honing your product and getting your name out there. Building a reputation demands time, attention to detail and preparation.

The 100% organic skincare line launched by one beauty innovator had been long in the planning. Products that were clean, kind and ethically sourced – all grounded in an “on-trend” concept, aimed at legions of health and wellbeing devotees. And as the range gained traction, tweets, likes and shares, everything seemed to be on track. But just as the business plan was exceeding year one expectations, a supplier down the chain was exposed for using non-organic base ingredients. The same ingredients now found in the 100% organic skincare line. One negative review became two. Malicious tweets followed and libellous Facebook posts began to unpick hard earned customer loyalty and reputation.


Abby has extraordinary nous when it comes to handling issues.  She instinctively knows when a problem will make news and when, in all likelihood, it will die of its own accord.  Her experience at the BBC is invaluable.  She knows what questions to ask, what the client should do and what they should leave well alone.
Ali GeeDeputy CEO FleishmanHillard Fishburn
I was very pleased to work with Abby.  What impressed me most was her thorough levels of preparation which in my experience too many media trainers often ignore.  Abby also has a lovely calm demeanour when dealing with clients and the media training we undertook together was extremely important in preparing the client for major media exposure.
Jonny PopperManaging DirectorLondon Communications Agency
Abby was quickly able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our spokesperson. This meant the presentation and media interview workshop was candid and invaluable from the start. She has a remarkable ability to identify any weaknesses, deal with them, then inspire senior executives – a skill that means we will be using her again.
Dr Matt CarterFounder & MDMessage House
Really enjoyed it, useful content, good length of time and pace, and well delivered.
Feedback from Crisis Communications Workshop
I thought your advice about dealing with a social media storm was very useful. Hopefully I’ll never have to use it in a crisis situation!
Web Editor
Excellent session, I would highly recommend it to others.
Feedback from Crisis Communications Workshop
I’ve been media trained three times, but this was the best session I’ve been through 
Feedback from session with global food organisation
Having been with the BBC for so many years Abby understands exactly what journalists are looking for.  Her media training is sharply focused, builds confidence, and is invaluable to anyone about to face the press
PartnerGlobal Corporate Comms Agency
Abby gave us invaluable insight and advice which ensured we developed a robust and credible approach when handling a challenging, and unjust, media allegation….she was a joy to work with – dedicated, professional and very candid.
Financial Services ProviderHead of PR
I needed to use Abby because of a challenging media enquiry.  She was absolutely brilliant – clear, calm, directional and above all, completely savvy about both the position we were in and the way to tackle heavyweight journalists head on.  I would definitely use her again. 
PR Manager FMCG brand