Protestors and Plastics

🎙️🎥 There was an irony to our latest media training client turning up late… they’d been delayed by Extinction Rebellion protesters; we were about to media train them on their new plastics initiative announcement.

🌍 We’ve been doing a huge amount of thinking and prep with clients (more to come on this soon!) on how to authentically and credibly talk about this critical, future defining topic.

👉 The truth is that for big companies like Unilever (who recently announced halving their use of new plastic), whatever they do, they’re never going to satisfy everyone.

🕵️ 👩‍💼

I take great pride that at Mangold Consultancy we combine the cynical journo mindset with the corporate communications outlook – breaking down the message to recycle it and make it stronger when faced with the inevitable challenge of whether big business is doing enough.

Featured Image by Hans Braxmeier