Our new Client Services Director

📢 I am excited to share the news that Jessie Mangold is our new Client Services Director. Jess and I have been working together for about 3 years. And of course we’ve been sisters a little longer than that!

Jess Mangold

📰 Our career paths have taken a similar but distinct route – from journalism to communications, for me via BBC TV and Jess through print newspapers. It means we each scrutinise news and current affairs through a different lens and then get together to dissect it all in (nerdish) detail.

Lots of people ask what it’s like working with my sister. It is brilliant, but I would say that. Clients have commented on our complementary skills whether feeding back on media training or providing strategic counsel. To be honest, it’s only a smallish step up from playing shops as kids – and yes, I was the boss back then too!


Like everyone else over the last year, Mangold Consultancy has had to pivot and adapt to a changing business & media landscape. As we continue to grow and advise clients from sectors as diverse as the music industry, legal and FMCG, Jess’ new role is a natural progression for the business. Her experience, nous and strengths are critical to our growth & everything we do for our clients. I’m thrilled and excited about what the future holds for us.


Featured Image by Sofiya Levchenko