Talking regulation with big brands

A top-floor view overlooking London’s windswept skyline. This was the suitably dramatic backdrop as big brands meet to discuss industry regulation last week.

Abby & Jess Mangold London Skyline

Chairing the discussion at PrettyGreen’s agency Breakfast Briefing, I spoke to guests involved with some of the most recognised and well-loved products. Brought together by the agency, they hail from diverse industries, all faced with the challenge of how to address existing and new regulations which impact their business. A timely discussion given the recent ban by Transport for London on junk food ads, never mind ongoing debate about sugar, plastics and social media influence.

Panelists Nina Caplin from Red Bull, James Barge from ISBA, representing UK advertisers and Jess Hargreaves from PrettyGreen, sought to explore issues such as what the TV watershed means, how to engage with regulators well and whether legislation affects partnerships and sponsorships. I made the case for proactive thinking and assuming scrutiny as regulations take effect, since failing to respond in good time is often a brand’s undoing rather than regulation itself.

The digested highlights from this session are live online from PrettyGreen and well worth a read for anyone looking to reinforce their corporate reputation on regulatory issues affecting business of all shapes, sizes and sectors.

Image Credit PrettyGreen