Success in my job – What our clients say

I love my job but I cannot talk about it. Success in crisis and corporate communications comes when no-one reads, tweets or hears about my clients. It is the curious and at times conversation-stopping nature of the job, that most of the time, the less I say the better.

So I am delighted that Trust For London, Althorp House & Estate  and Our Future Our Choice, are sharing their experience of working with Mangold Consultancy. And I am hugely grateful and proud to be able to feature their comments which shine a light on our work.

So what can I tell people about the job I love? It is the buzz of combing through social media feeds, press coverage and even corporate policies to assess the issues which put business at risk; Or hearing about the minutiae of operational process on which success and failure hinges; and of course, the heat of a crisis room, navigating a course with clients to ensure minimal impact to long term reputation.

The fundamentals of what triggers a crisis and how this puts corporate reputation at risk remain the same. Just don’t ask me to talk about it.

Success in job