Radio Waves

Mangold Consultancy made a welcome return to Marlow FM’s The Buzz last week, opening 2019 with lively discussions about the high street, Chinese economics and speaker confidence. I was one of two guests on the weekly show, invited to look at topical business stories and forecasts for 2019.

The Buzz on Marlow FM

And in recognition of my radio debut, my picks included the art of public speaking and new book, How To Own The Room. Author and comedian, Viv Groskop shines a light on how women can hone their voice, with practical tips and reminders about how celebrated speakers such as Michelle Obama have worked to refine this essential 21st century career skill. It’s a brilliant read for anyone who has “felt the fear” at the thought of speaking publicly with useable tips and exercises.

Explaining Brexit’s impact on business, the justification for chief executive pay and how pay salaries link to staff wellbeing were among the ‘critical business narratives’ we discussed over 90 minutes.

Thanks to Mark Harris and Mike Duckett and you can listen to the show on the Marlow FM website here.

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