Media & Presentation Training 2.0

As TV news anchors around the world set up studios in their homes with teleprompters, specialist lighting, makeup and HD broadcast cameras; interviewees must also up their game. “News” needs experts, spokespeople and human stories more than ever and the best people you will see and hear, the ones who get invited back, have received media & presentation training – even if they are speaking from a laptop in their living room.

Media and Presentation Training with Mangold Consultancy

Our Media Training & Presentation Workshops are now available virtually, so whether addressing a reputational issue or sharing good news, we can support you.

Our new format, honed with guidance from our TV news camera operator, ensures the switch up works effectively. It is different and if I’m honest I’d much rather be in the room, seeing the whites of people’s eyes, but we are where we are.

So, what you can expect from our Media & Presentation Training:

  • a session completely unique to you, your business and your skills
  • research and insight into your media landscape, competitor analysis and advice on where and how to have the most impact
  • assessment of the hot topics and breaking news which you could use to your advantage
  • multiple practice interviews and take away tips – from handling difficult questions to positioning the camera
  • digital copies of all interviews and a summary report at the end of each session

This is a different training set up, so to reflect this our virtual media training includes:

  • condensed sessions because the training is hard work (even without having to stare at a screen for ages), so expect a tough few hours, ideally in the morning when energy levels tend to be better
  • ‘remote messaging’ guidance to ensure you look and sound good at a distance, while still having the energy of a face-to-face encounter
  • reduced costs since room hire and equipment is not necessary for remote training

Does it work – here are some quotes from our clients:

The presentation and media training from Mangold was the perfect balance between theory and practice… their journalism experience was critical in preparing us for a high-profile international panel discussion and Q&A on topical and sometimes emotive issues.

Firdaous El Honsali | Global Communications Director, Dove

Mangold knew their stuff and had done the prep which meant the CEO was put through his paces and finished the session with clear strategies about managing even the most challenging of interviews.

Scot Devine | Head of Client Strategy, Citizen Relations

Mangold Consultancy sessions were tough, focused, informative and enjoyable and we look forward to working with them again.

Harriet Pask | Head of Corporate Communications, Quintain

We run media and presentation training for multinationals and leading UK brands through to charities and SMEs, referred to us on recommendation, for our thorough insight and reliable support.

Find out more about Our Clients or please get in touch to learn more about how we can help you with media and presentation training.